Math Teaching Videos
Each math problem comes with a step by step
video solution, follow up problems, an online calculator and sketch pad.
Fraction Word Problems
Jenn's Fish Tank
Weighing Oranges
The Boston Marathon
Percent, Ratio and Probability Word Problems
Field Trip
Sports Depot
Shopping Spree
Computer Virus
Web Design
Santa's Elves
Phone Numbers
Geometry and Averages Word Problems
Square Lawn
Dave's New Puppy
Test Scores
Prealgebra Word Problems
Two Numbers
Bicycle Race
Swimming Pool
The Bakery
Movie Theatre
Supporting Games and Activities
Model Algebra
Fraction Scale
Fraction Bars
Spinners and Probability
Candy Challenge Pro
Weigh the Wangdoodles
Fractions, Decimals, %
Dirt Bike Proportions
Ratio Blaster
Percent Shopping
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