The Candy Shop is open for business.
Use algebraic reasoning skills to fill up all the jars!
We recommend trying Candy Challenge Practice first.
How To Play Candy Challenge
You're the manager of the Candy Shop. Your candy jars are empty. Why? Because you've lost the price list! You have to use mathematical reasoning to find the price of each individual candy. Fortunately, you know the cost of larger packages of candy. If a candy package contains 5 blue candies and the total cost is 30 cents, what is the cost of 1 blue candy? It must be 6 cents. That's the kind of mathematical thinking you'll need to do to win this game.

Step 1. Select a candy by touching it with your mouse. The piece you select and any other candy of that type (red, blue, striped, etc.) will be highlighted in yellow. You're going to determine the cost of a single piece of that candy.

Step 2. What is the cost?
Here's where you'll need to do a little math. There are hints at each level to help you along. Think of it as a puzzle. All the information you need is right there on the candy counter. You have to find the solution.

Step 3. Where does the candy belong?
Click the jar whose price is the same as the price of the candy you selected. If you are right, the candy will appear there. You may see that candy again in another puzzle but you will already know its price. Can you correctly place all 30 pieces of candy?

On some levels, you'll be asked to find the cost of an entire candy package. Just add up the cost of each piece and enter the total on the number pad.

Super Cool Math Fact: Completing all of the levels in Candy Challenge means you can do Algebra! How cool is that?

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Candy Challenge - Learning Connections
Essential Skills
Mental Math - solving visual equations

Common Core Connection for Grades 5+
Write, read, and evaluate expressions in which letters stand for numbers.
Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
Look for and make use of structure.
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